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TBVC Lessons and Group Training

Steve Slandzicki

Club Director

Phone: 419-410-493

Whether your player(s) is new to the game of Beach Volleyball or looking to refine specific skills and techniques to enhance their game, private and group lessons at TBVC will help your player(s) achieve the goals.  Lesson descriptions and pricing are below.


Due to limited court time, we are currently booking lessons on an as needed basis via e-mail. Contact Steve or Angie if you have any questions or special requests, or Angie at(419)410-3812

Open court time for lessons:

  • Most Tuesdays 11:30am - 1:00pm and 4pm - 6pm
  • Most Wednesdays 3:30 - 5:30pm
  • Most Thursdays 11:30am - 1:00pm and 4pm - 6pm

Private Lesson
60 Minutes
Contact Steve

2 coaches available
Coach availability varies

Group Lesson 
$25/player 2 players
$20/player 3 or more
60 Minutes
Coach availability varies

Large Groups / Indoor Teams
90 Minutes
Call/email Steve to book



Private lessons are a great way to provide your player(s) with 60 minutes of instruction designed specifically for her needs. Angie and I specialize in all ages and all skill levels and positions. If your player(s) is new to the game of volleyball this can be a great introduction to the general skills of the game in a comfortable, one-on-one setting. This is also a great way to help established players improve on specific skills and techniques to enhance their game.

Why individual lessons?

  1. Lesson designed solely around your player's needs. Coaches can accommodate for any techniques the player would like to work on and can adjust accordingly at any time.
  2. Technique refinement and/or development can isolate and correct bad technique. Fixing "bad habits" takes a lot of time and mental effort on the players part; in this setting, the coach can focus on providing constant verbal cues to help the player recognize and correct bad technique.



This is a great way to receive beach volleyball specific instruction in more complex drills and receive higher repetition training. You are able to control who else is enrolled with you!

Why small groups?

  1. Interaction with other players in game like situations. Example: Serve receive to a partner to attack, Learn Ball control off of real passes and attacks.
  2. The coach is further removed from drilling and more able to watch technique through the entire process. Example: When a coach is attacking a Defender, they are looking up to attack the ball and may not directly see the footwork or body posture the player uses while preparing to play the ball. While our coaches are highly qualified and able to infer from the resulting defensive play how a player can be more efficient, it helps have the coach on the sideline giving real time instruction.
  3. More cost effective!


This is a great way to receive a positive, team building experience.  We are able to use the sand as a great training tool to challenge all of your athletes.  We combine team building challenges with volleyball drills that challenge the mind and the body. We finish each session with a mini tournament within your group/team.  Sessions range from  90 - 120 minutes,  All age levels are welcome.

Why small group positionals?

  1. Same as all the reasons listed above for group lessons but in a larger format! About 20 minutes to 30 minutes will be spent on conditioning and working hard.  The next 60 mins will introduced Beach Volleyball and the drill in concepts of the game, and the remaining time will be spent on competition.
  2. More time for team work with all disciplines of volleyball..
  3. Extremely fun and motivating
  4. Most cost effective ($80 for 90 -120 minutes for groups of up to 12!)