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TBVC Hybrid (Indoor/Beach) Information

What is a HYBRID Volleyball Team?



  1. a thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture.

  2. Making two things one, combining

Hybrid Volleyball Team - Creating teams that compete and train in both Indoor and Beach volleyball in the same season.  Taking the benefits from Indoor Volleyball and Beach Volleyball and creating one club that does both, essentially, a true "volleyball" club. "We are not just positions!  We are not middles, setters, hitters, and DS's.... We are VOLLEYBALL ATHLETES!"

Tryout Information

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USA Volleyball Coaches and Trainers Believe:

The sand game is a perfect complement to the indoor game.  Playing in the sand will improve court movement, footwork, court awareness, physical fitness and mental toughness. These are all qualities that are essential in the development of a player‘s all around volleyball game.

The TBVC Hybrid Team Model

TBVC is focused on teaching the game of volleyball in all of its forms to give you the most well rounded learning and growth experience possible.  This will include both Indoor and Beach volleyball.  There are benefits that the indoor game and the beach/outdoor game provide and TBVC believes they both play a role in creating the best volleyball athlete.  Whether the goal is to excel at indoor or beach volleyball, TBVC will maximize your touches and your experience in a positive and fun manner. 

I have listened to feedback from both athletes and parents to find out what the questions and concerns are when choosing a volleyball club.  Both sides have been evaluated in what an athlete's families and coaches want both at the high school and college level.  What TBVC has developed is a program that allows your athlete to grow both physically and mentally without having to spend 4 hours or more a day, 4 days a week at volleyball practice. TBVC understands that this is a club sport but also the demands of being a student athlete with the student part being first and foremost. TBVC has developed a weekly training program that will develop your athlete both mentally and physically without having to spend too many hours at the club.  The program is built around 6 hours of training per week with 3, two hour session per week.  TBVC athletes will train in both the sand and the hard court which will refine all volleyball skills while building their volleyball IQ in the process.  Hybrid Teams will have 3 beach tournaments in 2018, 6-7 indoor tournaments in 2019, and 3 beach tournaments in 2019.  The practice and tournament schedule is comparable with any other club in the same price range.  With the athlete having at least 1 Beach training session per week they are still getting the conditioning work out and maximizing touches with fewer athletes on the court with them.  This model allows athletes to maximize playing opportunity while minimizing the overall club time commitment. This also gives more time to enjoy being a committed student athlete and daughter.

The mission statement is taken very seriously at TBVC and the goal is to make this the best experience a student athlete can have while playing volleyball. Through competition TBVC will be able to instill skills that are not only adaptable on the court but also in life. By showing you multiple formats to compete in and not just 6 on 6 hard court, TBVC is changing the way this game can be taught. TBVC wants to offer a program that delivers similar learning opportunities and lessons involved with volleyball without the burnout and repetition of the current options. TBVC has consulted with many coaches on every level from professional to collegiate to local high school and jr. high coaches.  TBVC has looked at all the club configurations  from USAV and from within the OVR to AAU and JVA and believe that we have found an answer to exactly what our area needs to become one step ahead.  This hybrid model has been very well thought out from start to finish.  TBVC has an undying passion for this game and will do our best to instill that in every one of our athletes!

2018/19 Hybrid Season Layout


TBVC has made a conscious decision to continue to remain a small and exclusive club.  TBVC has no intent to take on more athletes that we can competently provide for.  One of the biggest problems with some of the clubs in our area is that there are more athletes than qualified coaches.  Angie and I have committed to expanding our coaching education and in 2017, we completed our B-Cap 2, the highest Beach Volleyball coaching education class USAV offers and the only in the area to do so.  Taught by USA Volleyball Olympic coaches as well as the top college coaches in US.  Combine that with our over 25 years of professional playing experience and our 25+ combined years of coaching you have 2 of the brightest and most passionate minds in the business. 

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Hybrid Club Pricing and Payment Options

Practice Schedule

November 20th - January 6th

Schedule for this Winter Beach Season will be two Beach practices at Indoor Sand, Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30-6:30pm and one Indoor hard court practice per week at Northwood HS on Wednesdays from 7:00-9:00pm.  Finalizes schedules will be posted after Tryouts.


January 7th – April 28th  

The start of our Heavy, Hard court Season will change to two practices Hard Court at Northwood HS on Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00-9:00pm and one Beach practice on Wednesday from 4:30-6:30pm..  Finalizes schedules will be posted after Tryouts.



April 30th – May 31st

Three Sand Practices will be held outside at our Forest View facility if weather cooperates.  We will utilize Indoor Sand if the weather does not cooperate.  


We will have a better idea about our practice schedules in June and July after Registration is complete. 


2018 Winter Beach Tournaments – TBA (3 events)

November 24 or 25

December 8 or 9 - AVPFirst @Indoor Sand

December 22 or 23  or December 28 or 29


2018 Indoor/Hard Court Tournament List –


January 13-14 – JVA Rock N Rumble – Cleveland, OH


Janurary 27-28 – TBD - power league


February 17-19 – Presidents Cup – Columbus, OH


February 24-25 – Power League CLUB


March 17-19 – MEQ – INDY (12’s-15’s)

March 23-25 –MEQ – INDY (16’s – 18’s)


April 8-29 – Power League  CLUB


April 28-29 – Lakeshore Volleyfest – Grand Rapids, MI


2019 Winter Beach Tournaments – TBA (2 events)