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Youth Leagues

Our Beach Volleyball Leagues are a great way to get with your friends and get some touches.  Our no pressure fun leagues are designed to give you the beach volleyball playing experiences without the time commitment associated with practices and training associated with joining a club.

Sunday Girls 4's Summer Beach League!

Want to participate in sand, but think 2 is not enough for the court? Then get a couple more friends together and form a girls 4's team. This is a fun but competitive alternative to doubles sand volleyball. 4's divisions are available for all ages. This is great league just for the girls! 8 week league runs 6/5 - 7/24

Monday Fun Day! 8 week Summer Beach League

This is our most popular league and probably the most fun league that we have to offer! This league is designed to introduce girls into playing beach volleyball. All teams get an extra player to make the transition a little easier, 6th grade and under get 2 extra players! Sign up now to get your jersey color! League Starts 6/6 and ends on 7/25.

Tuesday Juniors Mini Tournament Series!

Check our most exciting and competitive league/tournament series! Great way to show off your new beach skills! Although this is listed here under "Youth Leagues", it is not a true league. You may have the same or different partner for each Tuesday mini tournament as each tournament is it's own event. Starting 5/24 and running all summer long!

Thursday Youth Co-ed 4's Spring Beach League!

Guys! Do you have what it takes to play with these girls? Boys and girls compete on the same team to against friends and foes across the net! What a better way to enjoy the sunshine then playing beach volleyball with all your friends! 2 girls, 2 guys to make your team of 4. 4 divisions are available for all ages. This is great way to hang with all your friends and make new ones! 8 week Summer league runs 6/2 - 7/28.

If you are ready to register, click on our logo below!